Virtual Instruments with Artificial Intelligence


We are Prolody and we are working on a new way of making music. 

After being frustrated ourselves with piano rolls and dragging midi notes around all day we came up with a new way of composing music with the computer. 

We're skipping midi and are recording musicians not just for the samples but for their behavior as well. We are making an AI system that interprets music score as a musician would, creating an instant and high quality performance. 

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About us


Composing is 50% making music and 50% tedious work. Everyone working with DAW's and virtual instruments know what we mean: adjusting the timing and velocity of midi notes and programming and masking the samples in a way that they sound 'acceptable'.

We don't like this work and we don't like acceptable. Any repetitive job can be done by a machine faster and better than any person, so why isn't there a solution yet?


We are working on a system we call the Realviolin, where that tedious work is outsourced to your computer. The system analyses the input, which will probably be a music score, selects the correct samples according to input and context, and modifies the samples based on what a human instrumentalist would play. 

This way you, the composer, can focus on the music instead of spending hours on making your samples sound better.

Currently we're organising a feasibility study. We have an early demo version which you can try together with us. 


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